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West Marin Medical Center Home

Attention present patients of WMMC: the Marin HealthCare District requires a new Patient Registration Form. You can print or download the form here and mail it in or bring it with you on your next visit to the clinic.

WMMC was a private Family Practice medical office started by Dr. Whitt about 40 years ago. In the intervening years he was assisted by several other general practice physicians, notably Michael Witte, now the leader of the Coastal Health Alliance, Dr. Margaret "Molly" Bourne, who took over the practice for several years, now a Medical Director for Hospice by the Bay, and the current staff of Dr. Colin Hamblin and Family Nurse Practitioners  Cynthia Rafkind and Carrie Chase .

Presently, WMMC is an area Medical Care Center for West Marin of the Marin HealthCare District.

Acute care and management of chronic disease are provided for pediatric, adult and geriatric patients. Preventive medical care is provided as well, including well person exams, guidance in health promoting behaviors and screening labs. The on-site laboratory provides urine screenings and collection and processing of blood and urine samples to be analyzed at off site facilities. Minor surgical procedures are done, including skin biopsies, incision and drainage and toenail removals and the like. WMMC collaborates with specialists from all fields; refers patients to specialists and coordinates care when necessary.

Insurance Accepted:
WMMC accepts most insurance both private and government, including Medicare, MediCal and Tricare. The Medical Center has been a Participating Provider for Kaiser Permanente for many years. The West Marin Pharmacy fills and dispenses Kaiser prescriptions. WMMC sees a number of private pay patients as well.

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